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Great production starts with great recording! The studio is currently under construction but we accept reservations for sessions from November 2018!!!


Studio Tour & Gear List

Mixing is the fundamental of every great song. At iNSANELY iNTENSE, we pay attention to every detail to deliver low end tightness and high end spark your record deserves!

Our favorite mixing tools

We offer mastering services for affordable prices that can add clarity or vibe to your record or just provide transparent finishing touches.

Our favorite mastering tools

About Insanely Intense

My name is Jana Oltová and I am a recording engineer, producer and songwriter. I am truly passionate about music, being around it since my early ages. Gaining knowledge from numerous resources including a splendid community of producers around Unstoppable Recording Machine, I have been courageous enough to start producing local bands. After starting my own band, Misfolded, and fully producing its second album Derived from vanity,  I have decided to start INSANELY INTENSE, my own recording and production studio that would enable me to work with great artists as well as to have a suitable space for recording my own ideas.
The studio is located in the Czech Republic, just  few kilometers south from Prague. It is cosy and always full of the smell of just made coffee I love, designed  to ensure best sonic conditions for the recordings. Surrounded by lovely nature, you can focus on creating your music without being distracted by the hassle of the everyday world and you can be sure I will do my best to make your music shine!





Basic price / základní cena
17 € (450 CZK) 
per hour /  za hodinu

3-5 days
15 € (390 CZK)
per hour

6 and more days
13 € (340 CZK)
per hour

without an operator

10 € (250 CZK)
per hour

We are flexible to do also half-day recording sessions if required by the client.


sic price / Základní cena
170 € (4400 CZK) 

per song /  za skladbu

EP (3-5 songs)
150 € (3900 CZK)
sic price / Základní cena

ALBUM (6+ songs)
130 € (3400 CZK)

Basic price / Základní cena

Includes: up to 3 revisions for a mix and a single revision for a master.

Complete track editing including drum replacement and vocal tuning is provided for an extra fee.

If tracks were recorded in our studio, additional 25% discount applies.


basic price

50 € (1300 CZK) 
per song

3-5 songs
46 € (1200 CZK)
per song

6 and more songs
40 € (1000 CZK)
per song

Includes a DDP image and a single revision.


Nepodařilo se nám najít to, co hledáte

Zdá se, že zatím nelze rezervovat žádné služby. Kontaktujte nás pro více informací.


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